Puck Verkade

The common thread in my work is marked by exploring how human beings give meaning to life in order to survive. I approach and question certain socio-psychological situations from a personal point of view and this working process often results in audiovisual projects characterized by an investigative documentary method. In the 3-channel video installation Any Day Now I live and interact with members of a Christian community who are preparing themselves for the Apocalypse. In the video installation Multiverse I go behind the scenes of a Dutch talent show by participating in it, infiltrating the television industry and questioning it's grip on the audience. In my most recent 2-channel video Persona, my father and I join a spiritual retreat as a means to find peace with our so-called inner self. The video reflects critically but humorously on the contemporary trend of 'finding your true self' and questions if it's nothing but a social role or a naïve dream. I feel drawn to subjects that deal with the human psychological condition, the way we construct our identity through belief-systems and it's position within society.

I need a certain disorientation in order to expose the friction of a challenging subject. By immersing myself in an unknown situation, my own vulnerability acts as a tool to get to the core of the subject from an insider's perspective. The exploration and investigative process becomes visible in the work and reveals dialogues and personal doubts in a very direct manner. I turn the camera on myself to underline this directness and expose my manipulative double role as a director and performer. I strive towards a multi-angle perspective within each work to provide an ambiguous story for the viewer. Basically I work following a system of observing, infiltrating, communicating and finally manipulating to create a work that should be unnerving and luring at the same time.

Furthermore I enjoy creating a larger context around the subject by organising public events and activities that relate to the videowork. I first started doing this during my residency at Heden Hier in 2012 for which I produced the video Multiverse as the main project, hosted public portrait sessions and a public event that explored the subject from a theoretical point of view. For the multifaceted project Edith as Muse at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in 2013 I produced weekly one-on-one walks&talks with audience members, displayed various installations containing objects and documents and hosted a weekly participatory public roundtable with an art historian to explore the subject through dialogue.

Parallel to my artistic practice I initiated Wander in 2012, a residency program for creative practitioners of all sorts, to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and establish cross-disciplinary dialogue. Wander offers a customized program by creating a local/national network of professionals working in- or outside of the arts for every resident. (www.go-wander.org) 




Stroom, DH /// Magazine - Interview & spread - januari 2013

Trendbeheer, @ GEM Den Haag - februari 2013

AD Dagblad, Puck ontleedt Edith - april 2013

DHCentraal, Snippers van betekenis - Edith als muze - april 2013

Jegens&Tevens, Interview - mei 2013

Cultuurbewust, Edith als muze - mei 2013

8weekly, Edith als muze - juni 2013

​Whatsupmiami, Edith as muse - juni 2013

Trendbeheer, De avonturen van de alleskunner - mei 2012

Frans van Hilten, Kunstenaar Puck Verkade draait rollen om - mei 2012

Charlotte Fritschy, Interview -mei 2012

Den Haag Centraal - Egbert Faassen, Doldrieste avonturen van Puck Verkade -juni 2012

Trendbeheer, Droste Effect @ Nieuwe Vide - november 2012

Haarlems Dagblad, Droste Effect meer dan fun - november 2012

Stroom Den Haag, Aanmoedigingsprijs 2011 – june 2011

Mister Motley, Eindexamententoonstelling KABK – june 2011







This week: last chance to visit my recent videowork at Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam.

Soon: Unfair Amsterdam 18-21 September at NDSM Werf.

Losing Presence

2014, 1 channel video installation, 23:46 min.


Taking my mothers death as a startingpoint, Losing Presence shows an exploration of the concepts of death, presence and loss. The video is made by capturing my computerscreen and shows a live-edit of several videoscreens at once. By using my own material, mainly shot in the buddhistic Thailand, and combining it with footage of popular culture, philosophy and anthroposophy found on the internet, it becomes a kind of video-essay or video-collage which stimulates free association. Losing Presence is currently on show at Showroom Mama in Rotterdam, to be seen 'til 24th August.


2013, 2 channel video installation, 21min


In Persona, my father and I join a spiritual retreat as a means to find peace with our so-called inner self. In a way Persona seems like the most intimate narrative that I've constructed so far, but at the same time it exposes the manipulative power of integrity which can be understood as a means to play a role. Persona in the word's everyday usage (stems from the Greek), is a social role or a character played by an actor.


Any Day Now 

2011, 3 channel video installation, 33 min


is a multiple screen documentary based on my visit to the Watchmen of the Night, a christian community who believe that The Netherlands soon will be hit by a tsunami. I brought my videocamera, put up my tent in their backyard and lived with them for a while. The video installation shows our conversations, the confrontation of our different views on life & reflects on the search for truth and existence. Turning the camera to myself functions as a narrative when revealing doubts that arise about my own truth.

Any Day Now has been on show at Gallery Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art & Heden in The Hague, KOP in Breda & during PUF Festival in Pula, Croatia.


2012, ​panoramic video installation, 20 min


is based on my participation and infiltration in a Dutch TV-talentshow for artists. It shows the situation behind the scenes, while I'm trying to infiltrate the television industry and question it's grip on the audience by becoming part of it. By conducting interviews with for example the director, with myself as a participant and adding replies of the audience, the video creates a multiperspective on the situation. The video is projected on a free floating screen with extreme panoramic dimensions which creates a sense of voyeurism. 

Multiverse has been screened at Heden Hier in Den Haag, Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem & Kop in Breda.

Edith as


A multifaceted & sitespecific soloproject for the Gemeentemuseum that consists of performance, installations, videos & a serie of events. Edith as muse originated from the painting 'Portrait of Edith' by Egon Schiele, which is the 'showpiece' of the museum's collection. Made possible by the generous support of Spaanfonds, ​Mondriaan Fonds & Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.



De Avonturen 
van de Alleskunner

2012, The Multitasker Adventures


A multifaceted project, produced during a three month residency at Heden Hier, consisting of the video installation Multiverse, a collection of 99 selfportraits produced by others, a blog & a public event.


During the residency I switched from being the artist, to the model, the curator. The residency space also transformed into the workingspace of others during the portrait sessions, where I invited the audience to paint my portrait. Eventually it transformed into a cinema, a self-education area and an exhibition space. Therefore the audience became the participant, the spectator as well as the maker of the project.


The project closed with a multitask event for which I invited arthistorian Camiel van Winkel to give a lecture based on his published report about the hybridization of the contemporary artpractice. I also invited Rufus Ketting (as a multi-artist himself) to perform a live column and musicians performed songs that were topicrelated as well.

Untitled (Chaos)

2012, looped video, 2 min


Untitled (Chaos) shows several attempts of a game which rules are shaped by gravity, balance and focus. The tension is interrupted through manipulation, by using myself as the core of the construction. Trying different constructions in a loop, creates an odd match without a finish. It's one of the few works without an actual spoken narrative and uses a more visual playfulness related to performance. 

Untitled (Chaos) was on show at Galerie Metis in Amsterdam, Villa Zebra in Rotterdam and Nest in Den Haag.