Puck Verkade


Puck Verkade
b. 1987, The Netherlands
Lives and works in London, UK
Currently MFA Fine Art Candidate at Goldsmiths University of London (2015 - 2017)


represented by Dürst Britt & Mayhew

Puck Verkade’s video works are composed of an irrational and associative combination of found footage, sampled pop music, low res animations and personal recordings. Their fast paced visual narratives resonate a struggle with the definition of psychological, physical and political borders. Central to Verkade’s recent work is the scrutiny of gendered and racialized bias within immediate social surroundings and interpersonal situations that are close at hand. As the recurring protagonist she functions like a probing tool that interacts candidly with her subjects to explore the repercussions of recording in public space. With the use of humor and self-mockery Verkade aims to take a conflicted position towards the reproduction of social stigma, through the notions of different modes of capture and tropes of contemporary visual culture.

Puck Verkade received a BFA from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2011 and is currently a MFA Fine Arts student at Goldsmiths University of London (2015-2017). Parallel to her artistic practice Puck founded Wander, an artist-in-residence organization in The Hague that seeks to explore cross-disciplinary collaboration and stimulates artistic research. (2012-2014) www.go-wander.org




Easy Target

2016 | looped video | 5:20 min.

Work in progress that explores different perspectives on targeting, security and disobedience through dialectical montage. Email me to watch a preview of the work.


























Self Surveillance

2016 | video installation 
& Total Body Pillow covered in clear PVC | 3:33 min.

Work in progress that explores the patient as consumer and body anxiety. The video combines found footage and cgi with recordings of my visit to a private healthcare clinic in Germany. You can email me to see a preview of the work. 


Solitary Company

2015 | video | 10 min.

Solitary Company is a portrait of a remote island off the north coast of Iceland, the first episode of a triptych about the micro-community of Hrisey, during the darkest months in winter when all is covered in snow and silence. During a month-long  residency on Hrisey, I conducted interviews with three generations of local people about their personal connection with the island, the effect of living in such a small community off the mainland, and their relationship to silence. The premiere of Solitary Company was screened during video art fair LOOP in Barcelona, June 2015

Read more on Solitary Company in the essay Land Of The Enlightened by Alix De Massiac, 2016


Losing Presence

2014 | video | 23:43 min.

Taking my mothers' death as a point of departure, Losing Presence shows an exploration of the concepts of presence, absence and transcendence. By using my own videomaterial, mainly shot in the buddhistic Thailand, and combining it with found footage of Western popular culture, philosophy and anthroposophy, it becomes a video-collage that stimulates to associate freely on the journey from the material to the immaterial. The video shows references to theories of reincarnation but also considers matters of our current virtual existence. Losing Presence is captured through a live-edit on my computer screen while composing a video-collage of moving images, soundbites and subtitles. Instead of performing in front of the camera, I use the mouse-cursor to perform my manipulation live on screen.



2013 | 2 channel video installation | 21min.

In Persona, my father and I join a spiritual retreat as a means to find peace with our so-called inner self. The video reflects critically but humorously on the contemporary trend of 'finding your true self' and questions if this pursuit is nothing but a social roleplay or a naive dream. Persona is a 2 channel installation projected on free floating screens. The left screen shows my fathers’ perspective, while the right screen shows mine. Both my father and I carry a camera to record our experiences and conduct interviews with each other.    

Any Day Now

2011 | 3 channel video | 30min

Any Day Now is a multiple screen documentary based on my visit to the Watchmen of the Night, a christian community who believe that The Netherlands soon will be hit by a tsunami, an indication of the long awaited apocalypse. One of the members received a divine prophecy telling them to spread the word, make shelter and conserve foods. They live on a huge piece of land, above sealevel, aim to be self-reliant and grow their own resources. I brought my video camera, put up my tent in their backyard and lived with them for two weeks. The video installation shows our conversations, the confrontation of our different views on life and reflects on the search for truth and existence. Turning the camera to myself functions as a narrating method when revealing doubts that arise about my own truth. The three screens show different perspectives, both visually and conceptually, which also demands an active attitude from the audience. 



2012 | ​panoramic video | 20 min.

Multiverse is based on my participation and infiltration in a Dutch TV-talentshow for artists. The videowork consists of an assemblage of TV-episodes made by the television crew, scenes shot by my father and hidden camera footage. It shows the situation behind the scenes, while I'm trying to infiltrate the television industry and question it's grip on the audience by becoming part of it. By conducting interviews with the tv-crew, the director, myself as a participant and adding replies of the audience, the video creates a multiperspective on the situation blurring fact and fiction. The video is projected on a free floating screen with extreme panoramic dimensions to create a sense of voyeurism.